Neck Pain

Neck pain is literally a pain in the neck.  Frequently, every time you move your head, there’s that pain again.  As with all pain, it becomes both debilitating and discouraging.  Why is this such a common place for people to have pain?  First and foremost, is the fact that the neck is not there to support your head.  Let me repeat that the neck is not there to support your head.  The muscles of the neck are there to move the head around or to stop the head from moving around.  If the neck is not there to hold the head, what is?  The head is meant to be supported by, balanced on top of, the spine.  The spine extends from about the level of the pubic bone all the way up to the joint between the spine and the skull, which is about the same level as the cheekbones.  Although young children balance their heads on top of their spines, for any number of reasons, we seem to lose that ability as we get older.  It is exceedingly rare that I see an adult doing anything other than holding their head with their necks.  As to why some of us get neck pain and other don’t, I’d have to see you to explain that.  Suffice it to say, if you stop overusing the muscles of the neck, if you learn how to balance the head on top of the spine, the whole spine, not just the neck, more often than not, the pain stops.  And yes, the way to learn this is to learn the Alexander Technique.

I came to the Alexander Technique with neck pain.  Mine was due to an injury and I was told by some of the finest doctors in New York City, I just have to get used to the pain, there was nothing they could do.  I have no more neck pain.  I never have neck pain.  Call me, make an appointment, wouldn’t it be nice to not have neck pain? 212-691-8607.