Back Pain

“Oh my aching back” an expression so common we’ve either said it ourselves or know someone who has.  Why?  Some people say it’s because we’re somehow put together wrong, that we started out on four limbs and when we switched to two things just never worked out right.  Hold that thought, I’ll get back to it in a moment.  The real reason you have back pain (barring some other mitigating circumstance), is that you’re not using your body in the way it is meant to be used and therefore you’re putting undue pressure, undue stress, on your back.

What does that mean?  Do you stand on two legs or lean on one?  Do you stand over yourself, or are you leaning slightly forward, or back, or to the side for that matter?  Your hip sockets are the main support joint for your back (any idea where those are?); most people stand into their waist not their hip sockets.  If you’ve read the section on the Alexander Technique, then you know I’m not suggesting positions here, but that you have to understand the relationships that work in the human body.  If we use ourselves the way we’re designed to be used, more often than not, we don’t have any pain in our bodies.  Aren’t you even curious if that’s true?  Call me, make an appointment and find out at 212-691-8607.  Rediscover what it means to be pain free.