Pain Relief NY

Do you suffer from pain?

  • Have you gone to doctors, tried everything, and the pain still persists?
  • Is pain stopping you from working or doing the things you enjoy?
  • Do you want to finally get pain relief and start living again?
  • Do you live or work in or near NYC?

Hi, I’m Alan Katz.  I used to suffer from debilitating pain.

In 1981 a ceiling beam fell onto my neck and spine.  I was in constant, 24 hour pain.

Every time I moved the pain got worse.  An orthopedist told me that two of my vertebrae were pushed together, impinging on my spinal cord and nerves. There was nothing they could do.  I tried all kinds of therapies, with little result.  Every day was a constant battle.

A friend told me about the Alexander Technique and how I it helped them find pain relief, and urged me to try it.  I didn’t believe it could work for me, so I didn’t pursue it.  Three months later, in a fit of desperation, I found myself on the phone, making an appointment.  After my first session I felt a little better – I was intrigued.  Six months later, my pain dramatically reduced, I quit my job and started training to become an Alexander Teacher.

Since 1984, I’ve had a private practice in NYC dedicated to helping others eliminate pain.   I have helped people relieve all kinds of pain, be it back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, elbow pain, knee pain, foot pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, migranes, tension headaches, etc.

Using the Alexander technique as a strong foundation, applying my endless curiosity and inventiveness, and incorporating core principals from my years of study of internal martial arts; I’ve developed my own unique approach  that has helped hundreds of people rid themselves of the pain that has compromised their lives.

You don’t have to suffer.  Call me now at 212-691-8607 to arrange an appointment in my NYC office, (or wait three months like I did), but do something.  You’ll know in the first session or two whether it will help.

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Stop back soon for more info., as this site is still under construction.

Alan Katz has been helping people find pain relief in New York City since 1984.